The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is an agency under MOST with the functions to inspect and deal with the administrative offences in the State management sector under MOST control, specifically the violations committed during the scientific and technological activities, standard, measurement and quality; nuclear radiation safety and to impose penalties on the organizations and individuals with acts of industrial property right infringements.
The website of the Inspectorate of MOST contains legal information, provides guidelines for procedures to file, receive and process complaints and denunciations, publishes the process for dealing with the violations of law that fall within the scope of the management power of MOST. The website also serves as a forum for Q&A and exchange of information about inspectors’ activities and settlement of violations among the inspectorates of various departments, ministries and sectors with MOST Inspectorate.
The Website also publishes both national and international annual reports on the status of IPR enforcement, the database for IPR enforcement, various researches on IPR enforcement; information about training programs, and answers to some problems relating to IPR enforcement in Vietnam. We hope the Website will be a source of useful and most updated information to all domestic and international agencies, organizations and individuals who want to understand and study IPR status in Vietnam. English translation of several articles, documents and data shall be available and serve as reference documents for research purpose.
The MOST Inspectorate would like to thank inspectors from the local Departments of Science and Technology, colleagues from the Inspectorates of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Agency for Anti-Smuggling Investigation under the General Department of Customs, the Competition Control Agency, USAID/STAR-Vietnam Project and the Informatics Center of MOST for their enthusiastic support and contributions to this Website.

MOST Inspectorate