Specialized inspection measurement, quality goods and industrial property

Implementing Decision dated 07.18.2012 599/QD-SKHCN of the Director of Science and Technology, Ha Tinh, from 30/7/2012 until 08/17/2012 by inspection teams specialized Inspectorate S & T cooperation with Department of TC-DL-CL and room management technology - IP has inspected the observance of the provisions of the law on measurement, quality, labels, barcodes and facilities industrial Property for packed goods to quantitatively measure the management of six local districts (Nghi Xuan Loc Ha, Duc Tho, Thach Ha, and Loc Hong Linh Town).

Total number of establishments are inspected 31 facilities, mainly commodities: milk, dairy products, bread, jam, candy, sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, powdered spices, beer, beverage, paint , liquefied petroleum gas; 5 basis discovery violations and administrative penalties totaling 6000,000 contract, including breach of measure 03, 02 and required labeling situ destruction of goods violations totaling over 20,000,000.


Although the inspection process is difficult for technical means, commodity inspection, much less manpower shortage, ... but inspections have contributed to raising awareness about the observance of the law of business establishments; perform the task of preventing, detecting, timely handling of law violations measurement, quality , record labels and industrial property for packed goods.

(Department of Science Inspector of Ha Tinh).

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Specialized inspection measurement, quality goods and industrial property